you’ve got a business idea. we’ve got a competition for business ideas.

The BizTech Challenge is your opportunity to validate your business idea and build a real business — and maybe even win some cash. Don’t delay! Pitch submissions are due by October 22.

Of those who submit a pitch by October 22, 5 teams will be selected to attend the Bayou Classic and pitch their business in front of a live audience and a panel of expert judges for a chance at up to $10,000. Finalists will receive mentorship, coaching, and a travel stipend for their trip to the Bayou Classic, but everyone who submits a pitch will get expert feedback on their business, so just by submitting, you win.


how to do it:


The composition of your team is important. Diverse talent and skillsets are the bread and butter of your success. Use the resources available to you at your university to build a team of individuals who can get the job done. Remember: each team needs one STEM-based student and one entrepreneurship or business student, and teams must be 3-5 people.

Validate your idea

Validate your idea with real people in real scenarios, getting actionable feedback that you can use to make your business idea even stronger. Does your business address a problem your customers really care about? Will they pay for your solution? It’s time to find out.

build your solution

How does your business actually work? It’s time to build your business model and a prototype for your technology solution. Your prototype can be a wireframe, a functioning prototype of your product, or something else entirely - as long as it demonstrates your understanding of your customers and their needs.

Build your pitch deck

Once you’ve validated your business idea, built your business model and prototype, and built your all-star team, it’s time to build your pitch deck and write your executive summary. A pitch deck is a brief presentation, built using software such as PowerPoint, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan.

submit your work

You will need to submit your application form which includes an executive summary, 5-minute pitch deck presentation video, and team member registration forms by Oct. 22nd at 5pm NO EXCEPTIONS. Everyone will get feedback, but the top 5 teams will have the chance to pitch in front of a live audience on Friday, November 29 at the Bayou Classic.

Think you have what it takes? Don’t wait, start now! For full list of rules as well as example pitches click here.


Still not convinced? Click here to find out why you should participate in the challenge.

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