Welcome to the Bayou Classic Biztech Challenge website. We’re glad you are interested in the Challenge. Below is a summary of what you will need to know about the Biztech Challenge. Submissions open August 30th. Don’t wait, start now!



Do you have a business idea? Do you have a team? Build your team up and develop your business idea. Is it a viable business? Is the problem you’re trying to solve big enough to run a business with? These are just some of the questions your business will have to answer.

Build your pitch deck

Once you’ve established your business it’s time to build your pitch deck and write your executive summary. A pitch deck is a brief presentation, built using software such as PowerPoint, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan.

submit your work

You will need to have an executive summary, 30 - 120 second video of your elevator pitch, and a team form ready to submit by Oct. 22nd at 5pm NO EXCEPTIONS. After you’ve done so, your business idea will be sent to a panel of judges who will send the top 5 teams to the live pitch event on Friday, Nov. 29th.

Submission page will open August 30th.

Think you have what it takes? Don’t wait, start now! For full list of rules as well as example pitches click here.


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