Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck allows you to tell the story about your business idea and serves as a supplemental visual presentation of your product or service.

Presentation Guidelines

To compete in the BizTech Challenge, your pitch deck must consist of a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation, which is required for the semi-final and final pitch presentations (Prezi presentations are not permitted).

  • Must not exceed 7 minutes (up to a 5-minute overview and up to a 2-minute demonstration).
  • Must be designed in 16:9 format.
  • Voiceover recordings are acceptable.
  • Recorded video conferencing footage is acceptable.
  • Must be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted.

Tip #1

Keep your presentation brief, yet impactful. Slides are meant to support the verbal narrative and should not be wordy.

Tip #2

Make your presentation stand out by utilizing different venues, props, posters, prototypes, and other creative components.

Tip #3

Select the right charts and graphs to illustrate your data (especially financial) and how you used it to validate your business idea.

Presentation Outline Template

The template below provides an outline of the information that should be included in your presentation. You are not required to follow the order or category names on the slides, but we recommend that your summary addresses these elements.

The judges will evaluate the effectiveness of the product or service's technology business model and customer-market validation.


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